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Dispatch 01 : Boucherie Master Toby Rodriguez


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Chef Toby Rodriquez and Jambon, Grand Coteau, Louisiana. 




From inside his kitchen, all warm grains crafted on sunny days, hand-cut boards and designs sat shining out in the grassy fields of Grand Coteau, Louisiana, chef Toby Rodriguez lives the life of a maker.

A butcher by trade, an artist by education, a son who grew up on the land and a father now whose roots in that very land grow ever deeper, Rodriguez founded Lache Pas Boucherie, a touring company of culinary culture and spiritual renewal. His story of taking up the mantle of the Boucherie—a traditional Cajun pig roast—from his father became the centerpiece of our Provisions coverage in the Wonder South Journal no. o1: HOME, but what that journal entry did not delve into enough was a look inside Rodriguez’s handcrafted abode.

Here, we share photos by Lucius A. Fontenot that give a different glimpse into the life of a one-of-a-kind creative of Acadiana. Scroll through the gallery for the images. For more, follow Rodriguez on Instagram @creolehonkyspanic and visit lachepasboucherie.com.