Wonder South

Handcraft Makers Series


Meditate on the inspirations that flood inward.
Discover the skill that goes into each piece.
See the design and ingenuity that results in an amazing finished product.
Feel creation unfold.

Wonder South’s Handcraft Makers Series is a mini-documentary video series highlighting creatives in their workspaces. We are proud to bring you the stories of these remarkable makers. #HandcraftMakersSeries

If you would like your work featured in our video series, email journal@wondersouth.com.

 *Pictured above: The studio of Damien Mitchell Design Co. Damien is a complete badass, our dear friend and W.S. collaborator, and he is the featured maker of Episode 1 of Handcraft. To see order his collaboration Trail Bag with Wonder South or his other leather and canvas items, visit damienmitchell.us.

Wonder South x M35 Films present HANDCRAFT: A Makers Series. Ep. 1 features leather and canvas goods creator Damien Mitchell, of Damien Mitchell Design Co.
Wonder South and M35 Films continue our makers series with this feature on Beka Burch and her Priceless Collection which helps fight human trafficking across the globe.
In collaboration with M35 Films, Wonder South follows Caroline Rogers' journey to interior design, using salvaged materials, welding skills, a creative eye for color and texture, and her own furniture craft to bring new life to old homes in New Orleans.
With nonprofit relief supplies group LA Flood Love and her own Gillis Grain, maker Natalie Binford is making an impact after disastrous flooding in Louisiana. (A Wonder South x M35 Films collaboration)