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Dispatch 04: Arts Council Radio Show


"How do we invite the community to witness process?

to be involved with process?

Because that is how we begin to value art."

~ Mina Estrada, Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge

Photo by  Jordan Hefler

Photo by Jordan Hefler

Jeff Beck and I were guests on an episode of the Arts Council Radio Show on iHeartRadio recently. We had an engaging conversation with host Mina Estrada, the Council's Director of Artist Resources, talking about our debut Issue no. 1: HOME, the importance of handcrafted goods, and our upcoming collaboration with the Council at its brand new event on the Mississippi River: The Ebb & Flow Festival, held April 1-2 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We will be curating and hosting the WONDER SOUTH MAKERS LAB throughout the two-day event. More details will be announced soon!

Listen to the January 8th episode and complete interview here.