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Dispatch 12: River Riders I

"Let's grill some boudin, grab our bikes and go ride on top of the levee. And beer. We're going to need beer..."

That's honestly how our conversations began for what turned into the Wonder South River Riders event. Partnering with Tin Roof Brewing Company, who hosted us and our gang, City Pork Deli & Charcuterie and Barbosa's Barbecue who kept our bellies happy, as well as Big Easy Bucha, KLSU FM, and of course Bike Baton Rouge, we invited the public, a few bands and some fifteen regional Makers over for a Sunday afternoon ride, cookout and pop-up market in Baton Rouge on January 22.

Wonder South contributing photographers Nick Martino and Brian Roberts were on hand and documented the day. See Martino's digital images and Roberts' film photos below, and keep it locked on @WonderSouth for the next River Riders jam!