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Dispatch 20: KREWE Tiny House at SXSW

Photographs NATHAN ROCKY

When Wonder South spent a week at South By Southwest in March we couldn't leave the Austin Mecca for music, film and technology without making a house call. Our friends at KREWE have fashioned a mobile 'shotgun house,' reminiscent of the single-file homes dotting the colorful landscape of the Crescent City that the brand founded by New Orleanian Stirling Barrett calls home.

This rolling retailer arrived in Austin ready to introduce SXSWers to handcrafted and inventive sun and optical eyewear designed in and inspired by the great City of New Orleans. See Nathan Rocky's images below, and follow the brand at @krewe  for their latest releases.

"At 154.8 square feet, this small home was built to meet the French Quarter’s historic code and structurally mimic the iconic shotgun home, a symbol of New Orleans’ architecture, diverse people and Afro-Caribbean lineage."