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Dispatch 31: Song Faulkner & Bianca Zaragoza for W.S.

Photography by Bianca Zaragoza • Modeling by Song Faulkner • Interview by Jeffrey Roedel



Wonder South photographer Bianca Zaragoza, manager of The West Studios, recently photographed Texas-based adventurer Song Faulkner, featuring our dry goods Flower Child cap and Classic Wonder South Summer Tank along with Levi's denim and James Avery jewelry for a few easy and fresh Spring looks.

Enjoy selections from our shoot in Houston, and an interview with Song below! 


"From the moment I saw Song I knew we didn't need much of a set up since she has this whole natural beauty thing on lock." ~ Bianca Zaragoza


"My style for portraits is minimal," Bianca says. "Simple and clean."


Hey, Song! What can you tell me about your shoot with Bianca?


The shoot with Bianca was so much fun, she was so inviting and I felt comfortable really quickly. We were going for like classic but modern I believe.


What are some of your favorite outdoor experiences and natural areas to explore in Texas?


I visited Olympic National Park this past summer, and it was amazing. But my favorite place in Texas is all the nature areas immediately around Austin. I would love to visit Marfa.


What do you do for fun and where do you like to hangout?


Definitely the Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin! Kura Sushi has a conveyor belt and it’s so cute. For coffee, I love Figure 8.


How would you describe the South to someone who's from up North or another country?


I would say the South is the same as the north except warmer and much more hospitable.


I have to ask you about your name, which is the most beautiful, and coolest name I've seen. Your last name is quite famous, and your first name, well your parents must have a story there...


I’m half Chinese and half Irish, and my parents wanted a name that meant something in both languages. Song means “praise of angels” or something similar to that in Chinese.


How would you describe your daily style?


This is kinda hard, I feel like my style is pretty all over the place. Trendy, but like the classic half of trendy. If that makes sense. Also it’s kinda retro. I feel very Cher sometimes. Also functional and comfy. I can’t wear something if it’s uncomfortable.